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Loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inch

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Loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inch = 20.32 centimeters

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Special statement:

A:Full frequency speaker is used when debugging debugging danji. Stone or other digital sound effect is not very clear.

B: the low frequency of full frequency horn can not be like the low-frequency intensity of the frequency division horn, and the larger the full frequency horn, the better the low frequency, the higher the worse, the smaller the lower frequency, the better the better.

C: Based on years of personal experience and the consensus of many enthusiasts. The guide box volume generally full frequency loudspeaker is the bigger the better, the more relaxed and natural. The material of the box suggests a good splint or a high density board. If the log must pay attention to the splicing of the plate

D: full frequency horn is very sensitive to the box, not to accommodate the box, or to buy cheap goods on the Internet, the quality of the box is not good. This will affect the sound of the whole system

E: the power of the horn is real. Unlike other manufacturers’ virtual power parameters, misleading consumers. Because of the high sensitivity, only a small power can be pushed very well. Generally speaking, the small full frequency horn can be pushed very well as long as the power of 3W is very good. Full frequency 5~8W power from 8 to 12 inches is enough

F: during the early horn can improve the sense of hearing bad phenomenon generally two to three days, to take a month or 100 hours or so completely into the state.

This book is suitable for speaker baffle, frame box, box or landing. The area for listening is about 20~30 square meters.

Parameters are as follows:

Horn structure: ferromagnetic external magnetic type

Impedance: 8 ohms (only 8 ohms) (Trở kháng)

Rated power: 20W (Công suất 20W x 20W)

Frequency range: 46~18.5K HZ

Sensitivity: 94.6dB 1M/1W (Độ nhạy)

Outside diameter of horn:210mm, box opening diameter 187mm, installation diameter 200mm*6-M4 (note, with M4 screw is well installed) (Đường kính ngoài cùng: 210mm, đường kính màng loa 187mm, đường kính lắp đặt 200mm)

Cặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inchCặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inchCặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inch


Cặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inchCặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inchCặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inchCặp loa toàn giải Aucharm 8F-1, 8 inch

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