Ampli Đèn YAQIN MS6V6 Class A

16.170.000  11.700.000 

Bạn Tiết Kiệm: 4.470.000  (28%)
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Liên Hệ Tư Vấn

Tư vấn 1: 0986 673 473
Tư vấn 2: 0975 879 985 [Zalo]
Add: P2101, Tòa A, Star Tower 283 Khương Trung, Hà Nội

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Mô tả


It uses the latest improved exports version famous 6V6 vacuum tube as the class A power amplifier, it use 12AT7 and 12AU7 as push it is good sound quality.

Selects finest ultra linear type Push Pull electric circuit, causes the low frequency propelling force strong, it makes bass push power powerful, timbre is profuse.

Output transformer uses the Japan import audio frequency special-purpose silicon steel plate ( 0.35mm thick) and the high strength enamel- insulated wire and specially circles the system craft manufacture.

Four AUX inputs which can select by the remote provided and 32 ohms headphone jack, all give more musical options.

Technical Specifications
Output power: 12.5W+12.5W(8 ohms)
Frequency response: 5Hz-75KHz (-2dB)
Distortion: ≤2%
Signal noise ratio: ≥80dB(A weighted,0.2V 1kHz integrated)
Input sensitivity: 0.6V 1kHz poweramp
Earphone output: 32 ohms Recommended
Vacuum tube: 6V6 x4 12AU7 x2 12AT7 x2
Power supply: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz (110V version will be takes 7-14 working days to order)
Dimensions: 350 x 225 x 160mm
Weight: 17kg


A YAQIN MS6V6 unit
A Power cable
A Manual

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Nguyễn văn tường

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