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YAQIN MC-5881A Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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Product Description

YAQIN MC-5881 Integrated vacuum tube headphone amplifier Pre-amp SRPP Post-amp 5881Ax4 do push-pull amplifier 2x23W 110V ~ 220V
1. Using the latest improved vacuum tube 5881A do power amplifier ,
2. Use the improved ultra-linear push-pull amplifier circuit,
3. Pre-amplifier uses SRPP form circuit,
5. Using top-quality output transformer,
6. Using high-quality volume potentiometer,
7. Using high-quality electronic components to get better sound,
8. With a headphone output,
9. With 110V ~ 220V selection(Set before useing).
Output power 23W + 23W (8Ω)
THD ≤1.0% (at 12W)
SNR ≥78dB ( A weight)
Vacuum tube 5881A×4 ,6E2×2, 6N1×2
Frequency response 6Hz ~ 65KHz (-2dB)
Input sensitivity 0.25V(1kHz)
Headphone best match 32Ω
Input RCA×4
Output Impedance 4Ω 8Ω
Power supply 110V~ 220V±5% (Set before using)
Power consumption 150W
N.W. 13.5kg
W.G. 16kgVacuum tube amps the use of attention:
1. Disable output short circuit and output load, before you start you must first connect speakers or headphones, the best is
always keep them connected,
2. Start with minimal volume,
3. The supply voltage should be stable, with the use of conditional HiFi clean power for better protection and sound,
4. When the vacuum tube amplifier operating temperature is high, pay attention to ventilation, not to touch hot tube,
5. Do not put water on a hot vacuum tubes,
6. Boot and shutdown interval of 5 minutes,
7. Do not over 6 hours of continuous work,
8.6 ohm speaker connected to the 4 ohm, 8 ohm interfaces are available,
9. vacuum tube amplifier sound 40% depending on the power amplifier tube quality, 40% depends on the quality of output
transformer, 10% depends on other electronic components quality, 10% depending on the manufacturing process,
10. power supply voltage can be free custom (please consult)

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